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Photo of George Me @ a Social Event, UK (2021)

Since I was a little kid in Crete 🏝, I was fascinated with building things. Actually I loved breaking things (down) and then trying to build them up again (or not) to see how they work - which most of the times ended up with a lot of broken stuff.

I've worked on everything from education apps to open-source projects and I'm always excited to work on new, innovative projects I believe in

About Me

The Workstation

I grew up in Crete, it is an island somewhere in Greece, surrounded by computers and games.

From an early age I used Computers which taught me how design can be scaled to excruciating detail.

When I was 14 years old I started learning programming while i was making my first steps in gaming also, which led me onto web development.

Now I'm in University studying computing and I'm working freelance engineering and design for companies and clients as well as working on my own projects.

Currently working as a 1st Line Support at Catalyst2

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  • Native C# development
  • Writing scalable, maintainable codebases
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Creating a Web App from the name to the Web


While I'm a little busy with other client projects right now, I'm down to hear your project idea